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Catterick Garrison Library and Leyburn Library
Mixed Media with Sue Dewhurst

Richmondshire based artist Sue Dewhurst worked with residents of Thornborough Hall Gardens, Leyburn. Sue used image transfer techniques, maps, photographs and charms to create icons with the workshop participants and these were later exhibited in the Library. In Catterick, Sue held sessions at The Beacon and worked in the library with pupils from Hipswell School to create an exhibition of icons and matchbox works called ‘This is me’.

“What a terrific project and so very valuable for the participants, their families and the Community”.

Creative Writing with Irene Lofthouse

Writer Irene Lofthouse encouraged residents of Thornborough Hall Gardens to share their memories and treasured photographs to inspire prose and poems which were then performed and exhibited in Leyburn Library.

One resident even came early to share her story and memorabilia because she wanted to be involved but many people talking at the same time made it more difficult for her.

In Catterick Garrison Library, pupils from Hipswell School worked with Irene to create scrap books of family stories which became part of the ‘This is me’ exhibition.

“I enjoy coming to be part of the atmosphere and it’s amazing to see the result”.

Puppet making with Vanessa Card

Vanessa worked with children from Leyburn CP School to produce a variety of puppets. One teacher said: “I felt the artist was very engaging with the children and had a great manner about her. The balance between the children having to listen and then get on with their project was great. The resources were very well provided for and the end result was simply wonderful. They had freedom to create their own interpretation of what had been asked of them.”

“My son who doesn’t enjoy much thought it was fantastic and it really captivated his imagination”.

Songwriting with Wendy Arrowsmith

Children and families from the Catterick and Leyburn areas of Richmondshire worked with local musician Wendy Arrowsmith to explore music based games, play a range of musical instruments, and write songs.

The song ‘Making a potion’ was based on the Roald Dahl story ‘George’s marvellous medicine’ and the song ‘Magic and mix-up’ was based generally around the creative use of language in Roald Dahl’s books. The songs have been recorded by the children of St Mary’s R.C Primary School in Richmond.

One participant said the workshop was “great fun, very interactive, increasing my child’s confidence in group situations”

Photography with Guy Carpenter

Local artist Guy Carpenter met with local residents of Leyburn and Catterick to explore how to take better photographs and to create a collection of images based on local people.

During the Catterick workshops Guy worked with a local Nepalese group to take pictures in Richmond which many of them had never visited before. Guy even arranged for the group to have a guided tour by an ex-mayor in traditional Georgian costume. The tour included the Georgian theatre where the group sat in the stalls and were suitably impressed. One of the group acted as an interpreter for the other workshop participants.

Guy also worked with young people aged 8-11 from the Leisure Centre Holiday Starz club and creative teenagers from Risedale College.

Textiles with Kathryn Guy

Local textiles artist Kathryn Guy showed participants how to create felt pieces at workshops in Leyburn and Catterick Garrison Libraries.

The Leyburn group worked together to create four separate hanging pieces which they have embellished with hand embroidery and beading. The hangings called ‘The Shawl through the seasons’ reflects the local landscape as it changes throughout the year.

In Catterick Garrison Library, participants including the Nepalese group, and Carnagill School were invited to ‘Say it with flowers’. Each participant created felt poppies, dandelions, thistles, roses and sunflowers to represent the military links with the local community. The dandelion is the flower which represents the military child.

Stokesley Library and Bilton and Woodfield Community Library
Songwriting with Alex Cromarty

Musician Alex Cromarty was the first artist to work with residents and volunteers at Bilton and Woodfield Community Library. They invited the BBC Radio York Breakfast Show to visit and find out more about the workshops and the project which would be taking place there over the coming months.  Participants enjoyed meeting to share music interests and practice playing and writing songs together.

At Stokesley Library, Alex worked in the morning sessions with a group of SEN adults from Yatton House, together they wrote and recorded a song called ‘What makes me happy’. In the afternoon sessions Alex worked with a group of young people who learned to share and enjoy music together. During these sessions they recorded some cover versions and wrote some original songs.

Photography with Jonathan Turner

At Stokesley Library, Photographer Jonathan Turner, and local residents went into the town to find interesting scenes and people to photograph. Some photographs of the town were later digitally edited and merged with historical photographs from the library collection to produce images which could be printed and exhibited in the library.

At Bilton Library, Jonathan and the workshop participants explored the Nidd Gorge to discover the local flora and fauna as well as many dog walkers who follow the historical route to the old railway line and across the viaduct. At Bilton the workshops combined learning technical photography skills with local history and walking for health.

Creative Writing with Andy Croft

Andy Croft worked with over 100 pupils from both Grove Road School and Woodfield School in Harrogate and Stokesley Primary Academy.

At both locations Andy encouraged the children to use poetry, rhymes and word games as tools for storytelling, treasure hunts and creative writing. Each child was involved in creating a story which was printed and read aloud at the final session. The children at Stokesley bounced into the library having clearly enjoyed the previous session and were excited to sign the copies of the books they created for their friends.

“I gained confidence about the future and my writing career” – participant.

Stop Frame Animation with Dawn Feather

Families in Stokesley and Bilton were inspired during the summer holidays by Dawn Feather’s ‘Writings of Roald Dahl’ stop frame animation workshops. The participants were encouraged to creating individual modelling clay characters and then work in small groups to produce collaborative short films on the themes of ‘Sightseeing Minibeasts’, ‘Dreamcatchers’, ‘Transformation’ and ‘Awesome Animals’.

Dawn took time at each session to share some of the free digital animation tools available to download and encouraged families to continue making animated films at home using a tablet or smartphone.

One participant said: ‘It’s fantastic that children can go from this workshop and use what they have learnt immediately from skills taught today using their imagination”

Machine Embroidery with Janet Browne

Textile artist Janet Browne showed workshop participants at Stokesley and Bilton and Woodfield Community Library how to use reverse applique techniques to produce individual postcard style    pieces which were then combined to create a memory map of the local area.

At Stokesley the participants used iPads to photograph shops and other buildings of local interest to inform the sewn pieces which were layered up and worked on from the back using sewing machines.

At Bilton and Woodfield Community Library the individual pieces reflect the Harrogate District with pieces representing Fountains Abbey, Ripon, Knaresborough and Menwith Hill, as well as iconic images of the town such as the Valley Gardens tea room, and Harrogate Theatre.

“This has been inspirational and satisfying—socially as well”

“It has inspired me to develop my sewing activities further”

Mixed Media with Kathryn Richardson

Using papercraft and upcycled materials emerging artist Kathryn Richardson worked with adults from Yatton House in Stokesley to create an eyecatching frieze of 3-dimensional butterflies to exhibit in the library and individual pieces which could be taken home.

At Bilton and Woodfield Community Library participants met together in a relaxing environment to try something new, experiment with materials and create a Woodland themed piece.

“I found working on the project really beneficial for me as an emerging artist, as it has allowed me to develop my skills gain feedback from members of the public and increase in confidence. “ – Kathryn

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