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Feltmaking with Serena Partridge

Serena Partridge delivered the first series of workshops in Pickering. Participants from Wilf Ward Trust and Sight Support learned how to use wool fibres to create beautiful felt flowers and pictures.

Pupils from Hungate Primary School visited the library in Sherburn to create animals and flowers which Serena turned into a mural based on Sherburn Woods.

‘My perception of libraries has changed having seen the wide variety of groups they are reaching out to and engaging’.

Songwriting with Kate Pearson

Musician Kate Pearson worked with residents of Ryedale to write and perform songs inspired by everyday activities, memories and dreams. The involvement of a local ukulele group added energy to the sessions and has resulted in small concerts in the library since. One participant made this comment about the workshop.

“The joy of making music with others and the knowledge that what seems impossible is achievable with a great deal of help”

In Sherburn Library young participants worked with Kate to develop their songwriting and music skills. The young people also explored and experienced how writing lyrics can be a useful form of expression and creativity.

Stop frame animation with Virpi Kettu

Residents of all ages have created short animated films as part of the series of workshops with animation artist Virpi Kettu.

During the workshops Virpi explained the technique of using clay models to create characters, the concept of needing to create many slightly different images to create a single second of film and then encouraged participants to use digital technology to photograph and upload the images to create amusing and imaginative films.

The films created during the workshops may be viewed online at:

“It was one of the best things ever! I want more!” – Participant

Animated storytelling with Lee and Dawn Threadgold

Over the summer artists Lee and Dawn Threadgold turned Sherburn and Pickering Libraries into animated storytelling studios. With an emphasis on family participation everyone was soon inspired to draw their favourite cartoon characters, explore imaginative storytelling and create short animation using puppets and illustration.

“Based on our existing relationship with the library service, we would certainly like to deliver more sessions or projects in these settings.” – Lee and Dawn Threadgold

“Lee and Dawn’s fantastic teaching had everyone captivated for the whole session” – Participant

Photography with Anne-Marie Atkinson

Photography artist Anne-Marie Atkinson encouraged participants to view their everyday life through a lens and share it with the wider community.

In both locations participants were keen to develop their existing photography skills and then select images to create a printed photo book representing their community.

“I can now see the greater potential of libraries as cultural, arts and community venues” – Anne-Marie Atkinson

The images created during the workshops may be viewed online at:

Graphic Design with Andy Barton

Andy Barton has been working with young adults from Sherburn High School and Roose in Pickering to explore graphic design and teen culture.

Workshops began with discussions about logos, graphics and teen culture before exploring masking techniques and mark making to produce bold and eye catching individual designs on fabric.

At both locations the groups have worked together to produce a piece of work to hang in the teen area of the library to make it more attractive to young people. Themes inspiring the work have included graphic novels, pop music, pattern and language.

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