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Mixed Media with Jaki Bogg

Skipton based mixed media artist Jaki Bogg delivered the first series of art workshops in Ingleton. Participants worked together, learning how to use traditional techniques such as felting, printing and silk paper making to create a piece inspired by their local landscape.

In Eastfield participants produced individual designs which were transformed into a single patchwork based piece reflecting the energy of the community. “The library can provide so much more than books and reading” – Jaki

Songwriting with Rich Huxley

Musician Rich Huxley worked with Eastfield House Dementia Day Care Centre to write a reminiscence based song ‘Teens Recycled’, whilst the young people were inspired to write their song based on information found in the Horrible History books.

In Ingleton adult participants researched and recorded their local history and explored themes of a sense of place in their song ‘Early Mist’. The young people explored narrative and nonsense poetry themes in their songs ‘Animal Diner’ and ‘Random’.

“I went to the music workshop and before I’d written two songs, but you really inspired me and now they’re just pouring out of me. “

Creative Writing with Saviour Pirotta

During the summer months Saviour Pirotta inspired adults, children and families to try creative writing. Starting with tips for basic plot devices such as the story ladder and exploring writing a story in just 100 words the sessions were very much about participation. Saviour explained how the techniques could be applied to both fiction and non fiction and encouraged the participants to share and critique their writing.

‘It was nice to chat to other residents with an interest in writing’.

‘Gave me confidence to write’.

Photography with Rebecca Heim

Photography artist Rebecca Heim encouraged participants to view their everyday life through a lens and share it with the wider community.

In Eastfield the focus was on collecting and digitally enhancing some images to produce a photomosaic piece and a photography club has been formed.
In Ingleton the focus was on documentary photography. Identifying ‘Hidden Ingleton’ to publish online and in a printed photo book.

The images created during the workshops may be viewed online at:

Mosaic with Gaby Naptali

Residents of Ingleton celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Community Centre, where the Library is housed, by working with artist Gaby Naptali to create a tile mosaic. The design recognises the heritage of the village by acknowledging that the site of the Centre was previously Ingleton Railway Station. The colourful design is based on the steam trains which used to pass through the station and includes the reassuring comment ‘You are here’.
Residents are keen to see the mosaic fully installed and are certain that members of the community and visitors to Ingleton will enjoy the piece for many years to come.

‘It was a very worthwhile, productive event, everyone was involved in the

‘Great to be part of creating something beautiful for the community.’

‘I’ve learnt something! I’ve laughed too!’

Digital Imaging with Ross Anderson

Young residents from Eastfield met with video artist Ross Anderson to learn the art of film making. The workshops began with participants discussing what they liked to do in their spare time and what they wished that they could do. The resulting film is an example of how art can be used to strengthen communities. To bring young people together and give them a voice with which to share their hopes and aspirations for their local community.

On 5th December the library was transformed into a cinema space for the first viewing of the film ‘A new fairytale of Blingfield’.

The film can be viewed online at:

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